Hägglunds Displays Hydraulic Direct Drive Technology

The products and solutions Hägglunds showcased at SME’s MINEXCHANGE leverage the unique characteristics of hydraulic direct drive technology – delivering power directly to the drive shaft with full torque from zero speed and protection from shock loads – to maximize the efficiency and uptime of conveyors, feeders, crushers, drums, bucket wheel reclaimers, kilns and more.

System demonstrations and booth presentations highlighted the unique features Hägglunds technology offers, including: 

  • Torque Control: Direct drives with low speed and high torque can provide full torque from standstill, without time restrictions. Hägglunds hydraulic direct drives can operate continuously throughout their power range up to their rated torque, from zero to full speed.
  • Start-Stop-Reverse: A Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive reacts especially quickly due to its very low moment of inertia. They are able to switch automatically from driving to braking mode, and the direction of rotation can be switched quickly by changing the direction of the oil flow.
  • Shock Load Resistance: Shock loads can damage critical equipment and lead to major unplanned downtimes. With direct drive motors applying power directly to the core of conveyors, crushers and feeders, the direct drive offers a solution without mechanical play and with a low moment of inertia so it can easily withstand vibrations, external shock loads and changing load directions.

Hägglunds, a brand of Rexroth, www.hagglunds.com

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