MXconfig Software Mass Configures Moxa Ethernet Switches

AE Moxa

Control Engineers can now install, configure and manage multiple Ethernet switches simultaneously using Moxa’s MXconfig software, resulting in significantly reduced setup times, lower installation costs, as well as the elimination of errors arising from manual entry of configuration settings.

A comprehensive Windows-based utility, MXconfig is compatible with most Moxa industrial Ethernet switches. Its impressive suite of useful tools include mass device configuration and deployment, link sequence detection, configuration overview and documentation, and user privilege settings.

By being able to set the same configuration across multiple Moxa switches with one click – such as IP addresses, redundancy protocols and VLAN settings – the software increases deployment efficiency and network availability.

In addition to showing information about individual devices, MXconfig can also display a mass configuration overview that lets users see functional information for all the devices at the same time. Once complete, the software can generate reports with configuration files either batch exported or one-to-all imported for future backup or quick re-installation. Three user privilege levels enhance security and management flexibility.

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