MSHA Releases Guide For Miners’ Representatives Occupation Group

MSHA announced the availability of a guide for miners’ representatives, which will be available as a handbook and an online resource.

The “Miners’ Representative Guide” is a comprehensive tool that expands upon the “Guide to Miners’ Rights and Responsibilities” released by the agency in June 2011.

According to the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, Congress specifically intended that, when a miners’ representative is designated, he be included in many important aspects of mine safety and health:
■ Traveling with and assisting federal inspectors.
■ Filing hazard complaints.
■ Participating in modification of mandatory safety standards.
■ Playing a role in litigation procedures under the Mine Act.

A miners’ representative is any person, group or organization designated by two or more miners to represent their interest during health and safety enforcement processes at their mine.

The new guide provides detailed information about:
■ Reporting hazardous conditions and imminent dangers.
■ Accident investigations.
■ Understanding the elements of discrimination under Section 105(c) of the Mine Act.
■ Health and safety training.
■ Petitions for modification of a safety standard.
■ Rights to information and records.
■ Civil penalties.
■ Requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

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