Modular Trailers

Talbert Manufacturing now offers its 55SA-HX, a 55-ton model that features a spread axle (SA) with auxiliary cross members (HX) and The Equalizer.

Spec-for-spec, the 55SA-HX is lighter than other 55-ton models while still offering standard features that other trailer OEM’s do not, according to the company. Those features include the T-1 steel construction, a removable kingpin that provides for either a 114-in. or a 90-in. swing, a 26-ft. deck length, strobes and a 3rd lift axle.

The trailer features 24-in. spacings of the structural cross members, which run the full width of the trailer from outer bay to outer bay. For more support on the deck, the outer bays also feature 12-in. spacing of cross-members, which are junior I-beam affixed between the two structural cross-members underneath the decking, and upper-outer flange reinforcing for extra support on the deck when hauling wide track machinery.

The trailer’s axles have 25,000-lb. capacities, and they are equipped with Ridewell suspensions. The 55SA- HX is also spreader bar and/or 4th axle capable to provide flexibility for meeting bridge laws.

Talbert manufactured this 55SA-HX trailer with upper flange reinforcement through the two outside main beams where there’s a gusset from the web to the bottom of the flange. This supports the upper flanges so they resist curling when the trailer is hauling a wide-tracked machine.

Talbert Manufacturing,

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