Cat Product Link Now Includes Mobile App

Caterpillar has enhanced the ability of managers to monitor equipment remotely with the latest release of VisionLink 2.7, Product Link’s intuitive user interface provides customers a mobile optimized web application, the ability to schedule automated delivery of VisionLink reports, and remote access to on-board payload system information.

The mobile application is available on iOS, BlackBerry, Android/Chrome and Windows operating systems. Introductory functionality enables viewing the location of assets on a map, tracking scheduled services, viewing fault codes and open alerts, and accessing idle, working and runtime through a smartphone.

New productivity functionality leverages existing onboard payload systems for wheel loaders and off-highway trucks equipped with such systems. Managers can remotely monitor information such as total payload moved per day and total payload per hour and per unit of fuel.

This new integration adds to the current productivity capabilities of the VisionLink application, which include the ability to track load counts and cycle times based on switch and machine movement input, as well as advanced integration with on-board grade control systems to enable detailed monitoring of earthmoving, grading and finishing projects.

In addition, VisionLink now provides timely visibility to the information your business needs through daily, weekly and monthly reports scheduled in advanced and delivered via email to those who need to know.

Cat Product Link is a robust remote monitoring and asset management solution, enabling powerful tools that transform data from an entire fleet into the essential information required to boost productivity, reduce costs and manage risks.

Product Link’s intuitive interface, VisionLink, makes it easy for a manager to monitor data from the whole fleet and then to zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets.


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