Intelligent Pulse-Jet Timer for Fabric Filters

IntelliPULSE timers for baghouses and cartridge dust collectors provide energy savings and improved process control. A wide range of Fieldbus, PLC and OEM control panel connectivity is provided in a rugged, modular DIN rail package.

The company said IntelliPULSE is the only field proven control algorithm that automatically adjusts the off-time between pulses and pulse duration to maintain constant pressure drop across the filters and thus constant airflow while using the least amount of compressed air to minimize energy costs.

Reduce compressed air use by 15-40 percent over traditional pulse cleaning and up to 90 percent over continuous cleaning. IntelliPULSE extends filter life and can lower emissions by controlling the filter cake.

For advanced IntelliPULSE timing features or for instant baghouse diagnostics such as instant filter leak locating, instant pulse valve diagnostics and master control of multi-compartment baghouses, refer to B-PAC Controls.

Other features include:

  • Modular DIN rail design with field bus connectivity.
  • Intelligent pressure control via single set point.
  • DSP controlled continuous short circuit protection.
  • Easily programmable pattern and sequence pulsing.
  • Adjustable On/Off pulse time limits within automatic pulsing.
  • Automatic or preset multi-row pulsing.
  • Full range of traditional timing modes (Continuous, single cycle, cycle down, etc.).


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