Belt Monitoring System Measures Internally, Externally

Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems offers PHOENOGUARD PX. The monitoring system continuously measures the current overall condition of the conveyor belt, internally and externally.

From notching on the covers to penetration of foreign bodies and damaged steel cords, this unprecedented technology not only records damage but also intervenes automatically in the operation of the system in cases of emergency. If the system identifies damage that could result in breakdown of the conveyor belt, PHOENOGUARD PX immediately shuts the conveyor system down. In the case of minor damage that has no direct impact on the condition of the conveyor belt, the system triggers an alarm.

Users can adjust these settings in line with their requirements. PHOENOGUARD PX uses this method of targeted intervention to prevent serious damage from occurring and dramatically reduce maintenance costs. If users want to get an impression of the overall condition of the conveyor belt, the system is able to provide a comprehensive snapshot image at the click of a mouse.

The company will showcase cutting-edge conveyor belt concepts and high-tech solutions at bauma 2013


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