Liebherr Presents New App: MyAssistant for Earthmoving

Liebherr has developed MyAssistant for Earthmoving, a new app that will provide significant support for construction machinery operators in their daily work. The mobile application is available for wheeled excavators, material handling machines and wheel loaders of generation 6.0 and higher as well as for crawler excavators, graders and crawler loaders, pipelayers and articulated trucks of generation 8.0 and higher. The new mobile app can be downloaded now free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

After successful authentication via the MyLiebherr portal, the full range of features is available to the user. Once logged in, MyLiebherr makes all Liebherr earthmoving and material handling machines in the company’s fleet available to the user via a drop-down menu. The machines can then be selected via the model designation and serial number. The resulting menu tiles “Operating instructions,” “Spare parts catalogue” and “Scan operating symbol” that are displayed in the app refer exclusively to the machine selected by the user.

In addition, the entire Liebherr operator’s manual is available to the user digitally via the app. Furthermore, any required spare parts can be selected in the menu tile of the same name and placed in the shopping cart. Depending on the user’s authorization level in MyLiebherr, a corresponding order can then be triggered.

The function “Scan operating symbol” can be used to identify unknown symbols on operating panels, keyboards and switches as well as on the control panel in the cab. The user can simply scan the symbol using the camera on their smartphone. Following a successful match in the symbol database, the user is shown the suggested solutions that fit the context as well as corresponding links to the Liebherr operator’s manual.

This quick analysis of the symbol in question not only saves the machine operator valuable time – by displaying and describing previously unknown or new symbols, the app increases clarity for the machine operator and thus also safety during daily operations on the construction site. Machine operators whose companies have a large fleet of machines that undergoes frequent changes, as well as newcomers to the profession and inexperienced machine operators, will find this feature especially useful.


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