Fast-Weigh Accounting Software Announces Integration with Loadrite Scales

TAC Insight, a provider of cloud solutions for aggregates, recycling, waste and logistics, announces seamless integration with Loadrite loader scales. Loadrite is the premier manufacturer of on-board weighing systems designed for wheel loaders, excavators, conveyor belts, and waste collection trucks.

TAC Insight’s Fast-Weigh software has released direct integration between its Scale Ticketing application and Loadrite loader scales. Fast-Weigh and Loadrite users can now track the status of trucks in-plant and provide operators with information including customer, product, job and target weights.

By integrating with Loadrite scales, Fast-Weigh now eliminates the need for a second device in the loader cab and can leverage Loadrite’s rugged platform by sending data directly to the Loadrite 3180 and L5000 loader scales.

Additionally, Fast-Weigh now tracks analytics and performance by comparing Loadrite weights against ticketed weights. Truck turnaround and loading performance can also be monitored and reviewed remotely from the Fast-Weigh cloud web portal.

For customers who need to generate Fast-Weigh tickets from Loadrite directly, the Fast-Weigh interface can also be configured to create tickets in the Fast-Weigh Web Portal. This integration offers end-users full accounting and management tools for any loads generated by Loadrite.


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