CDE, Goodfellow Announce Strategic Partnership

CDE and Goodfellow Corp. announced a new strategic partnership. Goodfellow Corp. will be a Preferred Partner of CDE’s in Southwestern United States, introducing materials producers to CDE’s industry-leading washing solutions in a bid to boost efficiency in sand and aggregate processing.

Established by Lynn Goodfellow in Southern California in 1960, Goodfellow Corp. still stands by its founding values of honesty, integrity, and service.

(left to right) Tiff McMullan (CDE), Chris Baron (VP Sales at Goodfellow), Bryce Childs (VP Operations at Goodfellow), Kurt Goodfellow (CEO at Goodfellow), Blake Goodfellow (Head of Eng at Goodfellow) and Ryan O’Loan (CDE)

With an extensive parts department and multiple warehouse facilities, Goodfellow Corp. will work alongside CDE to offer some of the most pioneering washing equipment available on the market to new and existing customers throughout California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Goodfellow Corp. will stock a selection of CDE washing and screening products as well as plant parts to service the Southwestern states where demand for CDE’s washing solutions is growing rapidly.

The partnership puts customers first, from concept to reality and beyond. Goodfellow Corp. will work with CDE to secure and deliver innovative new washing solutions and to date the partnership has facilitated the development of two new state-of-the-art wash plants in the region.

This is a collaborative approach – working directly with producers to respond, solve problems, and constantly adapt, facilitating an even faster delivery of spare parts, consumable plant components and products from the CDE equipment range.

CDE said it will “continue to deliver world class solutions, assurances and certainty, guaranteeing wash plant performance, ensuring maximum efficiency and uptime to deliver a fast return on investment.”

CDE’s Business Development Manager Ryan O’Loan said, “This is a really exciting move for both CDE and Goodfellow Corporation. There is real synergy in both of our company’s values, which include putting our customers at the center of what we do. We’re looking forward to bringing this new service to the South West to offer our innovative technologies to our customers.”

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