Regal Rexnord To Showcase Durable Solutions at AGG1

Regal Rexnord Corp. will showcase its durable and sustainable solutions for the aggregates and asphalt and industries at AGG1/World of Asphalt 2024, booth 2221. The show takes place at the Nashville Music City Center in Nashville, March 25-27.

Regal Rexnord products are built to last and designed to perform and endure in the harshest environments, keeping systems running in mission-critical applications, the company stated. The company’s portfolio of brands includes names that customers know and trust, offering gear drives, couplings, bearings, and industrial chains that provide extended service life. Regal Rexnord’s team of expert engineers have decades of industry knowledge and experience in helping customers create custom-designed solutions to meet specific challenges and needs for heavy-duty equipment, such as asphalt paving machines, bucket elevators and conveyors.

Some of the Regal Rexnord components and brands to be featured at the show 2024 are:

● Bearings
Link-Belt, Rex, Duralon, Sealmaster and Rollway options, including mounted and unmounted bearings, will be featured at the show.

● Belt drives
TB Wood’s and Browning belt drives

● Chains: Rex and Link-Belt chains solve a variety of challenges with easier installation and a variety of configurations.
RexPro Engineered Steel Chain is the newest industrial chain from Regal Rexnord, designed to improve speed and safety for bucket elevators. In a live booth display, the Regal Rexnord team will demonstrate how RexPro solutions makes it safer, faster and easier to install bucket elevator chain using readily available tools.

Couplings: Get dependable service life in highly demanding aggregate applications.
The new CENTAFLEX-TIR is a dual roller coupling designed to bridge the energy efficiency gap. As engine manufacturers look to Tier 4 and beyond, innovative CENTAFLEX-TIR couplings can withstand lower rpm and absorb even more vibration without overheating, thereby increasing allowable power loss and improving the lifespan of system components. Stromag SSC stainless steel spring couplings provide the durability needed in a steel spring coupling with the highest allowable temperature range (-40°C to 150°C) and smallest mounting space.

● Gear drives: Meet design challenges in rugged aggregate applications with long-lasting and heavy-duty gear products.
Falk Quadrive and V-Class and Rexnord Planetgear are trusted gearing solutions for both asphalt and aggregate applications. The show will feature product displays for Planetgear, Quadrive and V-Class.

● Smart solutions and IIoT: Extend equipment life with smart solutions and technologies.
Remote vibration monitoring from Perceptiv condition monitoring systems empowers local teams to use predictive maintenance to plan ahead and extend equipment life.

Lastly, the booth will include a Powertrain Solutions display using a mock bucket elevator.

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