Command Alkon to Host Annual Spring TRAININGdays

Command Alkon announced that registration for Spring TRAININGdays is now open. The event will take place from April 15-18 in Washington, D.C.

TRAININGdays is an opportunity for industry professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge of Command Alkon’s innovative technologies and solutions. The event brings together experts, thought leaders, and practitioners from the heavy building materials sector to share insights, best practices, and fine-tune their skills.

“We are incredibly excited to host our first TRAININGdays event for 2024 in Washington, D.C.,” said Brett Bertz, chief customer officer at Command Alkon. “This event is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to deepen their understanding of our solutions and learn from application experts. We look forward to fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and empowering our attendees to achieve greater success in their businesses.”

Whether participants are new to Command Alkon’s solutions or seasoned users looking to expand their expertise, TRAININGdays offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to all skill levels.

Participants will have the opportunity to dive deep into Command Alkon’s suite of cutting-edge software solutions, including Dispatch, COMMANDbatch, COMMANDseries, Apex, and TrackIt. Product experts will guide attendees through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to ensure maximum understanding and practical application.

Registration fees are $1,200 per person for one day, $1,800 for two days, $2,100 for three days, and $2,400 for four days of training. In addition to the wide array of classes to choose from, these fees also include lunch and drinks on each training day attended, laptops for hands-on classes and demonstrations of new technologies that complement the users’ existing systems.

Detailed class outlines, event schedule, hotel reservations, and online registration are available here.

Command Alkon holds sessions like these at locations around the globe throughout the year. Visit the TRAININGdays webpage to stay informed about this and future learning opportunities.

The company will also offer TRAININGdays in conjunction with ELEVATE – The Command Alkon User Conference in October. To stay up to date as more information about the conference becomes available, click here and fill out the form on the bottom of the webpage.

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