Solidia, CTS Complete First Low-Carbon Cement Production Campaign

CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp., California-based producer of Rapid Set and Komponent specialty concrete binders, recently completed the first of a series of planned Solidia Cement production campaigns. A low limestone binder that gains strength through exposure to carbon dioxide and the attendant carbonation process, Solidia Cement is made with the same raw materials as portland cement but exhibits significantly eased CO2 emissions due to lower production temperatures and reduced limestone calcination. Measured against portland cement, Solidia Cement production equates to 30% lower CO2 emissions and 12% greater yield per ton of raw material.

“CTS strives to be at the forefront of innovative, sustainable cement technologies that are engineered for performance and high quality, and we’re thrilled to play a key role in helping to bring Solidia’s low-carbon cement to widespread commercial availability,” said CTS Cement CEO Ken Vallens. “Our first production campaign with Solidia Cement was a tremendous success and demonstrated the true potential for this important technology. We are looking forward to working with Solidia on additional production runs in the near future.”

“As the largest manufacturer of advanced, low-carbon belitic calcium sulphoaluminate cement and Type-K shrinkage-compensating cement in North America and with a proven track record of producing innovative and high-quality materials, CTS is an ideal partner,” added Solidia CEO Russell Hill, Ph.D. “The company’s production campaigns not only showcase the commercial feasibility of Solidia Cement, but they also expand our network. We’re excited to continue to work with them to supply growing demand for our precast and supplementary cementitious material platforms.”

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