Martin Marietta Celebrates 30 Years of Providing Value

Martin Marietta – recognizing its 30th anniversary as a publicly traded company – has released a brief video, “Martin Marietta: A History in Stone.

Martin Marietta teams across North America are expected to celebrate the company’s 30th Anniversary throughout the year, including during a companywide Town Hall in July. 

After splitting from its aerospace cousin, Lockheed Martin, Martin Marietta became a regional materials provider serving customers in the Southern and Midwestern United States. In three decades, the company has grown into what is now a $32 billion coast-to-coast entity serving approximately 500 communities across 28 states, Canada and the Bahamas. Martin Marietta employs more than 9,000 people who strive daily to display the company’s shared values of safety, integrity, community, excellence and stewardship.

“Martin Marietta was founded as an enterprise dedicated to community. Thanks to the talent and hard work of our people, we now demonstrate that dedication on a much grander scale than ever before,” said Ward Nye, the company’s chairman, president and CEO. “Working together, our Martin Marietta team safely provides communities across North America with the foundational materials on which to thrive and grow. We strive to be good neighbors and consistently exemplify the values that have driven our many achievements. Even more impressive, we have positioned our company to expand upon this success for decades to come.”

While discussing Martin Marietta’s growth, which has involved more than 100 acquisitions, including one recently announced transaction that will bring 20 aggregates operations from affiliates of Blue Water Industries LLC, to Martin Marietta’s East and Central divisions and another that brought four Colorado sites formerly owned by Albert Frei & Sons to Martin Marietta’s West Division, Nye spoke about the value Martin Marietta continues to offer its shareholders.

“We are nearly 15 years removed from the debut of our initial Strategic Operating Analysis and Review (SOAR) process, an ambitious plan we established to ensure Martin Marietta would be a leading materials supplier in the markets we serve,” Nye said. “In the years since, we have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to execute on our SOAR plans while expanding our business across nearly all of the targeted megaregions in the United States.”

Nye further emphasized that Martin Marietta has achieved record safety and financial performance in recent years.

“Today, we are safer and more profitable than at any other time in our company’s history,” he said. “To put that in perspective, in 2015, Martin Marietta achieved a total injury incidence rate of 1.25 and an EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of about $760 million. By the close of 2023, our total injury incidence rate had improved to a world-class 0.78 while our EBITDA had risen to $2 billion. Our people are enjoying long and safe careers while helping Martin Marietta offer unparallelled value to its shareholders. This extraordinary performance is what makes our company and its culture special and worth celebrating.”

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