BKT Delivers a Full Range of Specialty OTR Tires

From quarries to underground mines, BKT makes a full range of specialty OTR tires, designed to maximize performance and durability, even on the most challenging terrains.

Getting down without downtime. Downtime can be incredibly frustrating for OTR workers, reducing productivity and output, while also impacting project delivery times. One of the biggest contributors to downtime is damaged tires.

Most often this is owing to tires that have overheated, or tires that have been punctured by debris. At BKT, its specialist OTR tires are built to withstand even the toughest of conditions, with unique features such as all-steel casing and cut-resistant compounds.

There’s no such thing as too much choice. Even within the OTR sector as a whole, there are a huge range of sub sectors and niche enterprises, which all have unique requirements for their tires. At BKT the company offers more than 3,200 specialty tires across the agricultural, industrial and OTR sectors, offering its customers a wealth of choice not easily matched.

Through its product pages you can find detailed information about each of its tires, including recommended applications and tire specifications (including a downloadable PDF) to ensure that you make the right choice for your vehicle every time.

Quality. Beyond just a large global organization, BKT is first and foremost a family enterprise. The company takes pride in what it does and always stay true to its founder’s vision of being the global leader in quality tire manufacturing.

Alongside its in-house research and development center, BKT also produces its own tire molds and carbon black tire pigment. This level of control over each aspect of tire production allows it better quality control across the entire manufacturing process, so that the company can deliver on its promise of high quality, long lasting tire products.

Forever isn’t long enough. Excessive tire wear can lead to further downtime and can eat into operational profitability. BKT develops long lasting solutions and strives to deliver maximum value to its clients through increased tire durability and wear time. Within its OTR range, tires are created with high-end compounds to provide a longer tread wear in addition to enhanced resistance to rock cuts and punctures.

Your trusted companion, whatever the weather. Off-road working environments can present workers with a range of challenges, from uneven surfaces to loose earth. In such environments, having equipment that offers greater stability can go a long way in helping to get the job done efficiently and in a safe way.

Our off-the-road tires are available in a huge range of designs, each one created to tackle unique working environments. From extra deep treads to provide enhanced traction and comfort on severe, rocky surfaces, to self-cleaning features for softer, finer grounds.

BKT, www.bkt-tires.com

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