Granite Touts 20 Plants Honored for Safety

Granite touted 20 of its plants that were awarded National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) Safety Excellence Awards in 2023 for outstanding commitment to safety. 

The Safety Excellence Awards, established in 1987, promote safe working conditions and practices. The awards recognize individual operations that have demonstrated exemplary safety performance. The awards are presented to applicants who are selected by the NSSGA based on their overall safety performance for the year.

“We are proud of our efforts to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment, and we are honored to receive this recognition from NSSGA. We will continue to prioritize safety in all our operations and set an example for others in the industry to follow,” Granite stated.

Below is the full list of the Granite facilities recognized by the NSSGA:

  • Bee Rock.
  • Big Rock Creek Quarry.
  • Bradshaw Plant.
  • Capay Plant.
  • Circle T Ranch Pit.
  • Coalinga Pit.
  • Felton Quarry.
  • Handley Ranch Quarry.
  • Highway 175 Quarry.
  • Lockwood Quarry.
  • Lucas Pit.
  • Mission Plant.
  • Solari Sand & Gravel.
  • Swan Plant.
  • Tangerine Road Pit.
  • Vernalis Plant.
  • Wade Sand.
  • Wells Pit.
  • Wolf Pit.
  • Walker Sand & Gravel.

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