CanAmerican Stone Spreader, Gravel Conveyors Forge Strategic Agreement 

CanAmerican Stone Spreader and Gravel Conveyors Inc. (GCI) have entered into a strategic agreement to expand distribution in the United States. GCI will be a distributor and service center for all CanAmerican Stone Spreader products in the United States.

CanAmerican Stone Spreader is a family run manufacturer that has created durable and reliable trucking equipment for more than 40 years at its state-of-the-art facility in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. CanAmerican provides a variety of products from custom-built proprietary stone spreaders to lift axles, roll-offs, dump bodies and more.

“Partnering with GCI will not only help us grow our customer base in the United States, but also provide our existing ones with exceptional customer service. GCI was the perfect choice to help aid with this expansion,” said Ryan Sinke, CEO, CanAmerican.

This partnership will continue to position CanAmerican as a leader in the North American stone spreader sector.

CanAmerican stone spreader in action. (CNW Group/CanAmerican Stone Spreader Ltd.)

“We are confident that our partnership with CanAmerican will provide our customers with an outstanding quality and innovative product. CanAmerican has proven themselves as a leader in the Canadian market and we are excited to help them expand further into the United States,” said Travis Pettijohn, CEO, GCI.

In the dynamic landscape of construction and material delivery, the stone spreader market stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. As demands for precision, speed and cost-effectiveness continue to shape the industry, the stone spreader market has emerged as a crucial player. 

These specialized machines, designed to accurately and swiftly place materials like stones, aggregates and soil, have revolutionized the traditional methods of material distribution.