Tsurumi Pumps Offer Fail-Safe Features

In addition to wastewater pumps, Tsurumi provides a variety of process equipment including bar screens, submersible aerators and mixers.

  • Tsurumi wastewater pumps are known for being heavy-duty, easy to use and maintain.
  • The company’s pumps are equipped with fail-safe features that put leak concerns to rest.
  • Tsurumi was the first manufacturer to establish submersible pump technology in Japan nearly 70 years ago.

Pump downtime is a major concern among wastewater plant operators. If a pump suddenly stops working, the consequences could be disastrous. Facility closure or stoppage puts the surrounding waterways and residential areas at risk of sanitary sewer overflow.

To alleviate these concerns, Tsurumi has ensured that its pumps come equipped with fail-safe features. The pumps have integral thermal protection switches that can detect high motor temperatures and shut off the pump before any severe motor damage occurs. The seal chamber contains moisture detection sensors that can detect seal failure.

“When moisture is detected, an alarm alerts the issue to the operator, preventing severe damage,” said Pat Donahue, engineer, Tsurumi America. “These tools are designed to detect common yet often overlooked problems early, allowing for timely responses and the prevention of extended pump downtimes. All pumps will encounter damage such as clogs and seal leaks, but early detection is key to avoiding prolonged downtimes.”

According to Donahue, the durability of wastewater pumps is especially important in cutter and chopper applications – tight tolerances and sharp edges need to be maintained to prevent clogs.

“Tsurumi’s cutter design utilizes a tungsten carbide cutter piece brazed onto the tip of the impeller vane as well as a high chrome serrated wear plate. These hard materials work in tandem to provide cutting with minimal wear and tear,” Donahue said.

Tsurumi’s chopper impeller is constructed of hard cast iron that rotates and cuts against the high chrome stainless steel chopper blade. While constructed of hard, wear-resistant materials, abrasion will eventually increase the gap between the impeller and cutter/chopper. Both Tsurumi’s cutter and chopper designs feature clearance adjustability to return clearance back to factory-level settings.

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