L&H Industrial’s Tramp Release System Makes Big Impact on Safety, Production

L&H Industrial’s Tramp Release System, designed to remove conventional design hazards, is setting the standard across the industry. Engineered and designed with industry insights and operational data by experienced engineers, the system ensures safety, dependability and ease of installation as well as optimal operations benefits. 

As a high-value asset in the processing operation, a tramp event or related issue directly impacts safety, productivity, maintenance and the overall operation. L&H’s system removes stored energy by replacing unsafe conventional mechanical springs, releases pressure on the cylinders and allows the adjustment to pick up, and repressurizes the cylinders to return to optimal crushing position. 

The system delivers a simple design, PLC logic, large clearing stroke, requires minimal maintenance and can be installed in less than 24 hours. 

L&H’s Tramp Release System allows legacy crushing equipment to be retrofitted for a substantial upgrade in both safety and production. Operation’s teams see immediate and substantial increase in tonnage production levels due to the ability to run at maximum feeds without fear of clogging crusher. 

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