Athox VSI Crusher Improves Aggregate Particle Size

The Athox Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) is ideal for crushing rocks, ores, minerals, among other materials, according to the company. One of the main advantages of the VSI manufactured by Athox is the ability to produce a “lamellar” aggregate in different particle size distributions, simply by adjusting the rotor speed and adjusting the crushing chamber. According to Paulo José Alves dos Santos, director of engineering and innovation at Athox, VSI can be more energy efficient in many applications, as crushing occurs via impact and not compression.

Aggregates with cubic or angular particles tend to fill spaces more efficiently. For example, when the number of voids in a mixture is reduced, less cement or asphalt is used to fill these spaces, resulting in material savings and a more uniform finish. Furthermore, structures built with aggregates of this quality are less susceptible to damage such as cracking or wear over time.

According to dos Santos, the occurrence of products with a greater proportion of elongated or flattened shapes arises both due to the characteristics of the original rock and from some types of crushers. 

Recently, a company asked Athox for a field analysis to replace a crusher in operation that was not meeting the necessary demand. “We carried out a mass balance study and the entire flow of the plant, identified the need and proposed Athox VSI Model 185 equipment, which has exceeded the customer’s expectations, generating production with quality and efficiency,” concluded dos Santos.


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