DSC’s Annual ‘Dreducation’ Class Expands

After months of planning, DSC officially announced a significant enhancement to its annual “Dreducation” Class. Its one-day event has now evolved into a comprehensive Three-Day Aggregate Training Short Course to be held Feb. 27-29, 2024, at the Omni Royal Orleans, 621 St Louis St., in New Orleans.

“Never done to this magnitude in the aggregate industry this course is set to revolutionize the industry by providing attendees with unparalleled opportunity to engage with renowned experts and speakers who have made significant contributions to the field,” the company stated.

DSC’s Three-Day Aggregate Training Short Course has been meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of the dredge manufacturing and aggregate industry. The curriculum will encompass a wide range of critical topics, including dredge designs, screening, conveyors, transport hydraulics, crushers, safety and more.  

“Its expansion is a game-changer for professionals in our industry,” said Charlie Johnson, director of domestic dredge sales at DSC Dredge. “Our aim is to provide participants with an understanding of the industry’s core concepts and equip them with the knowledge and tools to excel in their roles.”

DSC’s President and CEO Bob Wetta added, “In our industry it’s important to empower minds and bring knowledge. At DSC Dredge, we are committed toward pushing the boundaries and charting the way; education is no different.”

Meet the Industry Experts  
The course will feature dynamic and highly respected experts and speakers who are luminaries in the world of dredge manufacturing and aggregates:  

• Charlie Johnson, director of domestic dredge sales at DSC Dredge.
• Scott Laiche P.E., vice president. of engineering at DSC Dredge.
• William Wetta P.E., senior vice president. of product development and CTO at DSC Dredge.
• Mark Krause, managing director at McLanahan.
• Scott Gulan, director of business development at Superior Industries, Inc.
• Jeff Boone, regional sales manager at Metso Minerals.
• Ryan Senter, director of sales at Deister Machine Co., and
• Richard Snoby, regional sales manager at Stichweh/ Snoby Separation Systems.

Professional Development Credits  
Upon successful completion of this Short Course, attendees will be rewarded with a valuable 22 hours of professional development credits, a testament to the course’s commitment to enhancing professional growth and knowledge.  

Attendees can expect to leave this course more informed, educated and equipped with a transformed perspective, armed with cutting-edge knowledge, and empowered with a newfound sense of industry leadership. They will depart with the confidence to tackle the most complex challenges, implement innovative solutions, and drive their organizations towards unparalleled success. The course’s immersive experience will leave them not just as participants but as industry pioneers ready to navigate the ever-evolving waters of dredging and aggregates with precision and expertise, DSC stated.

Register now to secure your spot at the DSC’s Three-Day Aggregate Training Short Course. For registration and more information, please visit  https://dreducation.regfox.com/dscs-3-day-aggregate-training-short-course

For registration inquiries or more information, please contact Mrs. James at [email protected].

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