ProStack Unveils New Ranger 6-27H Tracked Conveyor

ProStack, a provider of innovative material handling solutions, introduced the new Ranger 6-27H tracked conveyor. This latest addition to the Ranger product line has been engineered to handle multiple applications including stockpiling directly from crushers and screeners as well as loading and unloading barges.

The Ranger 6-27H has been engineered with an extended conveyor for situations that require more reach to span gaps or to create larger stockpiles. A conveyor length of 27 m (90 ft.) that can rotate allows operators to stockpile approximately 1,735 m³ with the Ranger 6-27H. 

“We are thrilled to introduce the Ranger 6-27H tracked conveyor,” said Lee Nesbitt, ProStack global sales manager. “This cutting-edge conveyor represents our commitment to providing the industry with innovative and efficient material handling solutions. We believe the Ranger 6-27H will greatly enhance our customers’ operations and contribute to their overall success.”

ProStack has already manufactured four Ranger 6-27H conveyors destined for a customer in United States with the help of Evergreen Tractor, official ProStack distributor for Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. These tracked conveyors will be operating in Washington State, where they will load barges before being lifted onto the vessel and traveling to Alaska. Once the barges have reached their destination, the Ranger 6-27H conveyors will be used to unload the materials. This application shows the versatility and manoeuvrability of the Ranger 6-27H.

Mark Trainor, sales manager for Evergreen Tractor, explained, “This was a project that required a lot of collaboration to complete, with a lot of back and forth between us, the customer, and the engineers at ProStack to find the right solution. We’re excited to see the Ranger 6-27H working in such a unique application”. 


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