Holcim Now Part of Venture Capital Fund

Holcim is now a limited partner in Suffolk Technologies’ $110 million venture capital fund that supports construction technology startups. With its unique position across the building value chain, Holcim will bring its advanced market knowledge to Suffolk investments to ensure best alignment with high growth market needs.

As part of the fund, Holcim said it is committed to supporting the most promising startups by giving them access to capital as well as its global technology, expertise and operations to maximize their growth and scale up potential.

“We are excited to invest in Suffolk Technologies to support the most promising startups at the forefront of innovative and sustainable building solutions,” said Ram Muthu, head of strategy at Holcim. “At Holcim we take an active role in the startups we invest in, from deploying our capabilities to giving them access to our operations to maximize their growth. By joining Suffolk Technologies we look forward to empowering disruptive startups to transform how we build, accelerating low-carbon and circular construction, all the way to making buildings more sustainable in use.”

Suffolk Technologies’ portfolio includes building solutions to achieve verifiable carbon neutrality; innovative energy storage solutions to electrify construction sites; and AI-driven solutions that improve job site planning and processes.

Through its open innovation ecosystem, Holcim engages with hundreds of startups worldwide to scale up new technologies, accelerating the construction industry’s transition to net zero.

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