Robit Offers Superior Rbit Button Bit Series

Robit button bits such as the Rbit Button Bit Series are manufactured with recyclable 100% green steel. Consistent top quality is guaranteed by fully automated production lines. Rbit is also finalized with eco-friendly water-based paint.

“With the Rbit, our commitment is to help our customers to reduce the total drilling costs by achieving faster rate of penetration and the lowest cost-per-meter,” the company stated.
The Rbit features:

  • Optimized button layout configuration of the Flat Face to ensure maximized rock contact and energy transmission.
  • A new transition face was developed in both Flat Face and Drop Center to improve the transfer of percussion energy into the rock.
  • Enhanced flushing design, now available in Flat Face and Drop Center, delivers even faster rate of penetration.
  • Redesigned wider retrac grooves that allow more space delivering a better flow for the cuttings.
  • Heavy Duty models are now available in both Flat Face and Drop Center.

“All of our new high-quality Rbit drill bits have been designed with state-of-the-art Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation. Moreover, field tests globally have demonstrated clear evidence of a superior drilling performance which our technical simulation had already guaranteed,” the company said. “With Robit’s new Rbit, we have found yet another way to deliver excellence to our customers worldwide.”