Lhoist North America Responds to Driver Shortage

The trucking industry in the United States and Canada is currently experiencing a significant shortage of qualified drivers, which has grown to affect nearly every industry and region in the country. 

This shortage has become more severe recently as a result of a strong economy and newly implemented Electronic Logging Devices that better enforce limitations on the amount of time a driver can operate over the road.

Lhoist North America released the following statement concerning the shortage of drivers:

“Lhoist North America has felt the impact of the driver shortage just like many of you. We continue to work to expand our logistics capabilities by partnering with our existing carriers to be a ‘shipper of choice’ and by finding new carriers who can provide safe, reliable, and high quality delivery service to you.

“We are confident that our carriers are doing everything they can to recruit and retain drivers to help minimize the impact on all of our businesses. These actions include increasing wages, offering signing bonuses, developing more flexible driver schedules and minimizing weekend and holiday work.

“Lhoist North America wants to assure you that we are doing everything possible to meet your delivery requirements. You can help make the limited transportation pool more efficient on your end:

  • Place orders as far in advance as possible to allow efficient scheduling.
  • Be as flexible as possible with receiving hours at your facility.
  • Minimize delays during your check in/check out process and allow carriers to unload as quickly as possible upon arrival.

“Given the current driver shortage, and the steps being taken to retain and attract drivers, it is likely that transportation rates will reflect greater increases than we have witnessed over the last few years. As always, we will do all we can to balance rates with the supply/demand balance for transportation services. 

“We appreciate your help in working with us and our carriers to meet your expectations.”

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