Instantel Third Party Access – Series IV Software

Instantel’s Third Party Access – Series IV software provides the ability to control, upload and download data, directly from Instantel Minimate Pro4 or Minimate Pro6 monitors, without using the Blastware Compliance Module.

Third Party Access provides a comprehensive set of commands to directly access a Series IV monitor. This is done by an Application Program Interface (API), provided in the form of a Dynamic Linked Library. Exported data can be further analyzed within a spreadsheet or leveraged using the Internet, automating the process of transferring vibration data directly from the Series IV unit to a website, for viewing by approved stakeholders.

The API was developed using the .NET 4.0 Framework and can be integrated into a project using programming languages such as C# or VB.NET. Only the Blastware Compliance Module is supported; the program maintains the proprietary Instantel Event format and security features. Event data can be exported into the XML, CSV or ASCII file formats.

The Third Party Access – Series IV programming software is only compatible with the Instantel Minimate Pro4 and Minimate Pro6 monitors, and provides the same functionality as the Blastware Compliance Module.

Third Party Access – Series IV Commands:

  • Set communication parameters to access the unit.
  • Read the unit status.
  • Read and write the date and time to the unit.
  • Read and write the compliance setup file of the unit.
  • Control the monitor scheduler calendar commands.
  • Read and write the auto call home configuration settings.
  • Start and stop monitoring.
  • Copy, delete and list event(s), by address and/or summary, on the unit.

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