Indeco North America Launches Lubemaxx Automatic Greasing System

Continuing its “smart-growth” strategy of identifying, evaluating and delivering new, value-added product innovations that provide quantifiable business value to the construction and demolition industries, Indeco North America launched the Lubemaxx automatic greasing system for hydraulic breakers.

Specifically designed to deliver the exact amount of required grease every time the breaker operates, Lubemaxx helps to eliminate lengthy work stoppages associated with manual hammer greasing operations. Operators gain productivity and efficiency with reduced repair and replacement costs through easily installed, disposable grease cartridges fitted to a breaker-mounted pump.

“At Indeco, we have a continual commitment to develop product innovations that specifically address customer requirements,” said Mike Fischer, president and CEO of Indeco North America. “Based on recent customer feedback, we developed the Lubemaxx system to offer our clients a better lubrication process that keeps their Indeco hammers running trouble-free with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. We’re very excited to be able to offer our customers this latest technology.”

The Lubemaxx hardened pump is operated by the hydraulic pressure from the hammer. The unit simply installs to the breaker’s housing with a mounting plate and requires no separate electrical cables. Additionally, the grease cartridges feature a unique “see-through” channel so the operator can easily and accurately judge the amount of grease left in a cartridge thereby preventing accidental running of the hammer without lubrication. Lubemaxxgrease cartridges contain Indeco’s industry-recognized Supreme 1000 extra heavy-duty breaker lubricant which is specifically designed with copper and molybdenum to withstand extreme pressure and wear while maintaining excellent adhesive properties.

Indeco North America,, [email protected]


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