McLanahan Introduces MD Vibratory Screen Line

For more than two decades, McLanahan Corp. has manufactured a successful line of vibrating screens and built a reputation as a trusted screen provider in many different industries.

McLanahan is now introducing its own line called the McLanahan MD Vibratory Screen. The McLanahan MD Vibratory Screen is a compact, high capacity dry screening unit used in a variety of industries. Dried sand, fertilizer, iron ore, wood pellets, quick and burnt lime, limestone, grain, gypsum, salt, sugar and animal feed (pellets and crumbles) are just a few of the materials and applications in which the MD Vibratory Screen is capable of screening efficiently and effectively.

The MD Vibratory Screen provides producers more tons per hour per square foot of screen surface area and handles much larger capacities than conventional screens while occupying the same – or less – floor space. Additionally, it is capable of making multiple product sizes simultaneously as progressively smaller material sizes are separated from deck to deck.

McLanahan MD Vibratory Screens are available in widths ranging from 19-in. (0.05 m) to 78-in. (2 m) with one to five screen decks depending upon the application. It is capable of handling feed sizes as large as approximately 3 in. and can make size separations down to approximately 60 mesh.

McLanahan’s design concept for this screen reduces the risk of pegging and blinding, while achieving high capacities due to its ability to make a separation at a given size using a mesh aperture of greater size.

To provide an even longer screen life, larger particles are removed by heavier, larger screens, while finer screens see only smaller particles and only a portion of the incoming feed.

With a compact design, minimal maintenance, low power requirements and a product that is entirely dust enclosed, this line of screens provide an efficient and cost effective setting for any operator, noted the company.

McLanahan Corp. maintains in-house equipment to conduct laboratory screening tests on materials to help ensure that the customer has the correctly sized MD Vibratory Screen for their application.

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