Preferred Sands Touts Nebraska Sand

Preferred Sands announced that third-party testing and real production data confirm that silica sand from its Genoa, Neb., processing facility provides comparable crush and performance benefits to Northern White Sand, in addition to offering a lower proppant cost and logistics savings.

The findings were based on recent Proptester reports for 40/70 and 100M Genoa sand, which reported 40/70 is an 8K proppant and 100M is an 11K proppant after standard ISO crush resistance testing.

“At Preferred Sands, one of our core values is to always find a way to improve our products and offerings to better serve our customers,” said Michael O’Neill, founder and CEO of Preferred Sands. “As we continue to refine our mining, quality and processing techniques, we have seen improvements in our Genoa Sand’s quality and crush strength. We are proud to offer Genoa Sand to our customers as a more cost-effective alternative to Northern White Sand.”

Previous production reports released in August 2015 demonstrate that Preferred Sands’ Genoa Sand outperforms Northern White Sand at comparable vertical depths by up to 29 percent. Based on actual disclosed public well data from the NavPort database, the studies sampled horizontal wells in the Niobrara Shale in Weld County, Colo., at an average true vertical depth of 7,500 ft. The production reports show that wells using 40/70 Genoa Sand produced an average of up to 29 percent – or $2,307,185 in average increased production – more BOE than Northern White Sand wells after an average of 13 months.

Preferred Sands’ Genoa Sand also delivers superior logistics savings to those servicing wells in Colorado. Manifest or unit train rail shipments from Genoa, Neb., to Colorado offer a $400-$700 per car savings compared to sand mines in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Missouri, the company said. Genoa’s geographic proximity to the DJ basin affords short, reliable transit times that prevent supply interruption for customers and decrease proppant costs.

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