Terramac Tracked Carriers Feature Customization Options

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Terramac LLC brings innovation on tracks to a new level with the expansion of its crawler carrier product line. By popular demand this North American manufacturer developed the larger sized RT14 model to complement its mid-sized RT9 carrier.

Both crawler carriers have been designed with a focus on increased safety and an unprecedented degree of customization options. All Terramac carrier cabs contain rollover protective structure (ROPS), falling object protective structure (FOPS) components, and are built with CE certified products to ensure greater quality and safety.

47 Terramac1 400Terramac RT14 Carrier

The new RT14 boasts a 28,000 lb. carrying capacity and comes with more torque than other carriers in its class, according to the company. The Terramac RT14 uses all American ¼-in. steel for durability and runs effortlessly off a Cummins 280-hp engine.

This new model RT14 also incorporates a Parker IQUAN-MD4 master display control system which streamlines performance and maintenance while increasing the overall unit efficiency. The new advanced controls offer full graphical, diagnostic and controller area network gateway capability along with an upgraded multi-function joystick with dump control for simpler operation.

The rubber track technology of the RT14 maintains a low ground pressure of just 7.5 psi that allows the carrier to travel adverse terrains with ease. The Terramac RT14 is ideal for aggregates operations seeking a heavy duty unit for hauling sand, rock or gravel with its standard rock dump bed where wheeled vehicles cannot reach. The RT14 also features an exclusive front and rear bolt-on attachment system to accommodate specialty equipment such as dust suppression spray booms or drills with refined ease.

47 Terramac2 400Terramac RT9 Carrier

The mid-sized RT9 crawler carrier by Terramac is distinguished for being the only carrier in its class that does not require special permitting for transport. The RT9 features a 10-ft. turning radius, overall length of 20 ft., width of 8 ft. 5 in., a height of 9 ft. 3 in., and a minimum ground clearance of 20 in. bringing it just under permitting requirements.

The Terramac RT9 carrier has a maximum carrying capacity of 18,000 lb. and contains a 230-hp Cummins engine for superior power and torque to conquer steep or rocky inclines. Fully loaded the RT9 has a ground pressure of just 4.9 psi, reducing environmental damage on unstable ground conditions such as tailings. The added dog house and tilt hood features of the RT9 carrier greatly simplifies unit maintenance by providing easy access to fluids and mechanical equipment.

The RT9 model was specifically designed with the end user in mind and allows for complete customization to accommodate a multitude of aggregate and mining jobsites, and was the first carrier to begin using Terramac’s exclusive bolt-on attachment system. With this technology, RT9 carriers may be customized with over a dozen attachments including: dump beds, rock beds, drills, spray booms and more which eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment on a single jobsite.

As one of the most versatile pieces of heavy equipment on the market learn how Terramac rubber track crawler carriers can be customized to streamline day-to-day operations within the aggregates industry.

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