Atlas Copco’s SmartROC T45 Features Site-Navigation System

PTP SmartROC 150

PTP SmartROC 300Quarry and mine drillers now have the advantages of total-site positioning available as standard features in a top-hammer drill rig for line drilling and blastholes up to 5 in. in diameter. Atlas Copco’s fuel-efficient SmartROC T45 comes with its own site-navigation system. Any drilling company that uses computerized features based on the Global Navigation Satellite System can see a benefit.

The SmartROC rig’s Autofeed Alignment works with the GNSS to ensure all holes are drilled precisely parallel to each other. GNSS-guided drilling is accurate to within 3.9 in. Perfectly parallel holes permit wider shot patterns while maintaining control of fracture size, fly-rock and particle velocity. Fewer holes over the same coverage area saves on labor, consumables, rig wear-and-tear and cost of explosives.

The SmartROC Progressive Drill Control system adjusts drilling parameters to changes in conditions as formations either gradually change or change suddenly, as in an encounter with a void. Reduced deviation is gentler on both tooling and the rig.

With an engine rated 325 hp at 1,900 rpm and free air delivery of 472 cfm at 175 psi, the SmartROC T45 rig’s design efficiency requires only one-third the hoses and cables of other rigs, further reducing maintenance costs.

Extended life of consumables reduces operational costs. The SmartROC T45 is also fuel-efficient, reducing not only fuel costs but time spent interrupting a shift by refueling.

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