REICHdrill Upgrades Safety Features for Blast Hole Drill


REICHdrill Inc. announced several important operator safety and comfort upgrades to its flagship model C-700D blast hole drill. Richard Pearce, engineering manager for the company, listed updates to this model via a company statement.

“Safety is paramount here at REICHdrill,” Pearce stated. “We have an ongoing commitment to our customers to design and innovate our product line.”DB-REICH-400

These upgrades include the following:

  • Operator’s Vision Assist LED Split Screen. A 7-in. RLED crystal display mounted inside the operator’s cab with compact color cameras provides the operator a clear view on both left and right sides of the drill during tramming. This feature is also available with optional radar detection with or without tram interlock, to prevent tramming in that direction when berm or highwall is detected at a specific distance.
  • New heavy Duty 24V air suspension operators’ seat. This feature is rated for up to 400 lb. of weight capacity and comes with a fully reclining backrest, adjustable lumbar support, armrests, headrest, and heavy duty swivel, providing greater comfort. 
  • Upgraded LED Lighting Package. This package includes 23W-6 bulb, 2,000 Lumens and 57W, 10-bulb, 5,000 Lumen LED work lights placed to illuminate the mast, top loader, walkways, machinery deck, under cab at hole area, and ground area around drill.

A complete list and detailed description of these new features and a download pdf file specification sheet can be found on the company’s website.