92 Resources Testing for Frac Sand at Silica Site

92 Resources Corp. reports it is in receipt of positive geochemical test results from its Zim Frac silica property in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, where it holds a 100 percent interest.

Further to the company’s news release dated Aug. 26, 2014, a two-part sampling program to collect four 10-kg and four 1-kg high-grade silica quartzite rock samples has been carried out to further evaluate and confirm the property’s potential for hosting a commercial quartzite resource capable of supplying both frac sand and/or high purity or metallurgical silica.

The samples were taken from four sites, equally spaced over a vertical distance of 180 m, from a central area of the occurrence that is over 1,500 m in length, at least 400 m wide and on trend with an existing producer on the adjacent license to the northwest, the Moberly silica mine.

The 1-kg samples submitted to ALS Geochemistry were tested to determine both purity of silica, as well as perform a detailed analysis of the part per million (ppm) levels for a suite of 63 other elements and oxides. Testing from these samples returned silica values of 98.7 percent, 98.3 percent, 98.6 percent and 99.0 percent SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and support the property’s potential to host commercial metallurgical grade silica.

Additionally, the assay results of deleterious elements for these same samples indicate low quantities including Boron values of 14, 6, 7, and 12 ppm, respectively. A complete table of the full assay results can be viewed on the company website: www.92resources.com.

“While still awaiting initial results from Stim Lab’s testing to assess the frac sand characteristics we are certainly delighted with these positive geochem results as they confirm the high purity nature of the material at our Zim Frac property. Also, the recent announcement by Heemskirk Canada having entered advanced discussions with a potential partner to further develop their adjacent Moberly mine’s frac sand production speaks strongly to the industry’s view of the commercial potential for our Zim Frac property,” remarked Adrian Lamoureux, president and CEO.

The first results for the staged series of tests on the 10-kg samples sent to Oklahoma-based Stim-Lab Inc., a recognized laboratory for determining the suitability of high grade silica sandstone and quartzite for frac sand, are anticipated soon.

Pending positive results from Stim-lab’s evaluation, the company intends to continue advancing the property’s potential with a next phase of exploration to include diamond drilling thru the formation, to fully assess it’s continuity, homogeneity and suitability as a frac sand and metallurgical silica source.

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