Lafarge Team Wins First Place At Mine Rescue Competition

Lafarge North America’s Mine Rescue Team took first place at the Wilmington, Ill., Regional Mine Rescue Competition.

“Teamwork is an important part of our safety culture,” said John Stull, Lafarge U.S. president and CEO. “I am very proud to see a Lafarge team be recognized for their outstanding teamwork on safety. We work on safety every day at our sites and this team’s achievement is something we should all celebrate.”

The Mine Rescue Competition is a series of events that test the teams’ elite response skills in field competitions, first aid simulations, multiple written tests and by debugging rescue equipment such as gas detection monitors and self-contained breathing apparatuses. The winning team was composed of seven members from both Lafarge U.S. and the Port of Will County Mining International Co. who are trained to respond to emergencies in underground mining operations.

The Lafarge team shined as the members worked together to think through problems and overcome obstacles. Team members included Brian Washkowiak (captain), Angie Brown (coordinator), Greg Allen, Tyler Pinter, Nick Sterling, Andy Walsh, Brad Washkowiak, and Bruce Washkowiak.

“I’m proud of the top-notch work my team did at this competition,” said team captain Brian Washkowiak. “In the industry of mining, these are the individuals who volunteer to battle the elements to rescue those in danger. They are very much appreciated and congratulations to all of the teams for their tireless effort and hard work.”

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