Martin Engineering Offers Screening, Dewatering Equipment Rental Program


Martin Engineering now offers a rental program for its line of industrial vibrators, designed for vibratory screens such as shale shakers and other solids separation equipment. The announcement from Martin Engineering represents the industry’s first factory-direct vibrator rental program for these applications, ensuring that customers are protected from surprise repair costs and the associated downtime.

The company’s new Guaranteed Rental Program includes replacements for all foreign vibratory motor suppliers, as well as U.S. suppliers such as Derrick Corp. It’s intended to provide a “third option” for equipment users: a cost-effective alternative to OEM motors or local shop refurbishment.

Under the new program, all service and maintenance is covered by a monthly flat-fee agreement, with any failed units replaced by the manufacturer at no charge. Rental customers avoid the financial burden and potential production outages from sudden drive failures, instead able to focus employees on core business activities, with Martin Engineering taking responsibility for vibrator upkeep and repairs. Rental customers benefit from direct access to the manufacturer’s expertise, saving precious time and money. All service is performed by qualified factory-direct technicians, according to the company.

“The rental program gives customers greater flexibility in budgeting for replacement and maintenance,” explained Global Product Manager Brad Pronschinske. “In the past, companies that couldn’t afford extended downtime were forced to purchase a backup motor for shale shakers and other vibratory equipment. With the new program, Martin Engineering offers rental as an alternative, with no money down and a fixed cost per month, yet it continues to protect customers from costly downtime and emergency capital expenditures.”

Martin Engineering“It’s nearly impossible to predict when a vibrator might fail,” Pronschinske continued. “So it can be very difficult for customers to budget expenses for spares or replacements. But very few companies can afford to let equipment sit idle while repairs are being performed. A rental unit gives them the backup they need, without the large one-time cost.” Depending on the number of units rented, Martin Engineering will provide customers with spare vibratory drives as part of the rental agreement.

The rental option is also expected to bring value to purchasers of used equipment, providing another way to improve equipment uptime and maintain system throughput and overall productivity. “Many companies supply used shakers and screening equipment as rentals,” Pronschinske said. “But when the time comes to replace the vibratory drives, they’ve historically been faced with just two choices. One was to spend several thousand dollars on a replacement OEM motor with its accompanying new product warranty. The other was to have the motor refurbished by a local electrical shop, where warranties are typically just 3-6 months.”

All vibrators in the Martin Engineering rental program are backed by the full replacement warranty throughout the life of the contract, with no limit to usage time. Pronschinske said that the drives are likely to serve applications in high frequency screens, sizing equipment and dewatering operations in oil and gas industries, as well as processing of coal, iron ore, gold and other elements, silica sand, and even some pharmaceutical and food applications.

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