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Eagle Iron Works, APAC Candor

February 14, 2014 — Eagle Iron Works has been developing ways to make its system controls even simpler for customers. A series of changes to its line of Mark V controls for its sand classifying tanks have led to the development of the Mark VI line.

The list of improvements to the operating system include:

  • Improving Accuracy and Simplicity of the Calibration Process – The Mark IV is allows the operator to quickly and easily make adjustments to product calibration if the projected sample gradation and the actual sample graduation from the stockpile are not in line. The process of comparing and recalibrating the system takes less than one minute. The system also remembers specific product calibrations, allowing it to switch back and forth automatically as the feed changes.
  • Increase Number of Products – Up to five products can be produced simultaneously, and each product is able to have its own type of specification and calibration. The Mark VI can have a different percent retained, percent passing or cumulative percent retained specification for each product.
  • Predicts Product Tonnages – The Mark VI predicts the tons per hour of each product and the total feed coming to the classifying tank, as well as maintaining daily tonnage accumulators.
  • F.M. Tracking Fine Tunes Product – After the Mark VI brings a product within specifications, it will also make sure that the F.M. of the product falls within a specified minimum/maximum range.


Eagle Iron Works has designed the Mark VI to make operations even simpler for producers and eliminate many of the problems that can arise with Sand Classifying Tanks. www.eagleironworks.com


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