Eriez Touts Service Center

Eriez Touts Service Center

Eriez 5-Star Service includes on-site and off-site repairs, maintenance, equipment rebuilds, lift magnet certification, parts and downloadable resources – all designed to improve and maintain productivity and profitability. The skilled and trained Eriez 5-Star Service team does whatever it takes to ensure customers’ equipment and systems stay online.

The fully staffed 5-Star Service Center, located at the Eriez Wager Road facility in Erie, Pa., provides complete testing, diagnostics, tear-down, inspection and updated electronics and assemblies. All re-built equipment leaves with an “as new” warranty.

For situations where it’s inconvenient or impractical to send equipment to Eriez, the company can bring its 5-Star Service right to customers’ plants. On-site field service is available anytime, even on short notice. All of the same benefits and warranties apply for on-site service.

Whether equipment is repaired in the field or at the Eriez Service Center, all work is done with original Eriez parts, components and assemblies. The dedicated 5-Star team repairs all equipment to original standards for complete customer satisfaction.

Eriez inspects and services a broad assortment of equipment, including magnetic separators, feeders, conveyors, screeners and classifiers, metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment, eddy current separators, lifting magnets, magnetic coolant cleaners, magnetic belt conveyors, magnetic chip and parts conveyors and more. 5-Star Service handles both Eriez and non-Eriez products and systems.

The 5-Star Rebuild Program can save customers thousands of dollars versus buying new. From top to bottom, equipment is inspected, repaired and updated with new parts and components.

The Eriez 5-Star Lift Magnet Certification/Refurbishment Program ensures compliance with ASME standards. Every repaired magnet is returned with a “Certificate of Compliance,” guaranteeing the repairs and load tests of the magnet comply with ASME B30.20 as well as a one year “as new” warranty. Eriez also offers a Lift Magnet Exchange Program.

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