SmicoSymons Unveils Hydraulic Opening/Closing Clamp Rail System

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SmicoSymons Vibratory Screens, in collaboration with patent owner Advanced Screening Technologies Inc., will exhibit the screening industry’s first hydraulically-operated opening and closing clamp rail system for fast change outs of worn or broken tensioned screen media on one or more decks simultaneously.

With a push of one or more buttons, clamp rails on selected decks or all decks will hydraulically open. Once replacement media is in place, one or more buttons will close and tighten the clamp rails to the specified distance from screen box walls until they achieve the proper even tension.

This breakthrough technology results in four primary performance-related advantages:

  • First, it reduces costly downtime to change out worn screens from an average of 8-12 hours on common size triple-deck screens to 3-4 hours.
  • Second, since change outs require far fewer hours, producers can capitalize on more product flexibility from the same screen boxes.
  • Third, screen media is expected to perform longer due to the hydraulic clamp rail system’s consistent tensioning, reducing the frequent problem of breakage with improperly manually tensioned screen media.
  • And fourth, the system may significantly reduce one of the primary causes of Worker’s Compensation claims – changing screen media.

Formed from two leading industry brands, Smico Manufacturing Co. and Symons Screens, SmicoSymons offers a combined 170 years of experience to the screening industry. The Symons product line focuses on the aggregate and mining industries while the Smico product line focuses on the industrial, food and minerals industries.

The screens are manufactured in America and deliver both standard and customized screening solutions for a wide range of common and specialty applications worldwide. Unlike many other manufacturers, SmicoSymons continues to modify existing screening models and engineer custom screening solutions for its broad customer base.

Unique production conditions and process variables make selection of the proper screening equipment a critical factor for operational success. SmicoSymons’ qualified materials test lab ensures that the machine type, size, setting and screen media selected will achieve the precise sizing and tonnage per hour required for each specific application.
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