Professional Engineer Certified at Graniterock

John Pierre Holcomb of Graniterock, Watsonville, Calif., passed the test to become a Professional Engineer (PE), according to the company. Holcomb recently completed the 13-hour, two-day exam to become the latest Graniterock team member to receive his PE certification.

The objectives of the Professional Engineers include support of the aims of the National Society of Professional Engineers, advance the public welfare, and promote the professional, social and economic interest of the engineer member, and to encourage and develop a professional attitude among all engineers.

Peter Lemon, PE, A. R. Wilson Quarry manager, said in celebrating Holcomb’s accomplishment, “The accreditation of a Professional Engineer is a major personal and professional accomplishment. It is a testament to the capability of Holcomb as an engineer and to his perseverance through a multi-year process. He joins an elite cadre of individuals and has great responsibility to his profession to uphold the highest ethical standards. We are excited to have Holcomb bring this professionalism to the Graniterock team.”

Holcomb graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University Chico. He joined Graniterock in 2008. He lives in Salinas, Calif., and enjoys family time, hunting, fishing and shooting.

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