Bailey-Parks Develops Urethane Frac-Sand Piping System

Bailey-Parks Urethane has developed a long-lasting polyurethane piping system to replace the metal systems used on trailers that transport fracking sand, according to the company. Highly customizable, the Sand Viper piping system includes 16 modular components that can be used to build a complete piping system to fit nearly any specifications.

Frac sand is typically transported via truck using a dry bulk trailer with three hoppers. Sand is extracted from this three-part rig through a system of aluminum pipes that runs along the bottom. Because frac sand is so abrasive, these metal pipes wear out quickly. Made with customized, high-durometer urethane, the Bailey-Parks Sand Viper piping system has been specially designed to stand up to the wear caused by frac sand and lasts significantly longer than its aluminum counterparts.

This system is Bailey-Parks’ latest polyurethane innovation for the oil and gas industry. Urethane has proved an excellent material for manufacturing a number of other critical components involved in fossil-fuel extraction, including hydrocyclones, impact pads, scrapers, sheeting and wiper blades.

Incredibly wear-resistant, urethane lasts significantly longer than aluminum or steel in corrosive conditions like those encountered in the oil, gas and mining industries, according to the company.

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