Wyoming Quarry Permitted

Sheridan County, Wyo., commissioners approved a 20-year quarry permit for a 10-acre quarry at their regularly scheduled meeting, according to the Sheridan Journal.

Big Horn Land and Leasing will excavate, grade, stockpile and haul topsoil and construction fill material from the site for use on local construction projects. Crushing is not proposed.

Owner Jason Spielman said approximately 50,000 yd. of excess material will be removed and used as needed.

Spielman approached the county commissioners to discuss the terms of the quarry permit, which included sharing the cost of dust suppression on East Ridge Road at a cost not to exceed $2,259 per year.

Spielman said since the quarry will operate on an as-needed basis, he thought the cost share was too high to make his business economically viable. Over the 20 years of the permit, Spielman would have to pay more than $45,000 for the application of magnesium chloride on the portion of East Ridge Road used by his haul trucks.

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