Kansas Quarry will not Face Restrictions

Residents who live near the Hamm Buchheim Quarry in western Douglas County, Kan., walked away frustrated after county commissioners declined to put any new restrictions on how the quarry operates, according to the Lawrence Journal-World.

Commissioners did approve an agreement negotiated with N.R. Hamm Inc., which operates the quarry, to share the cost of suppressing dust on the gravel road that leads to the quarry. And they approved posting a 40-mph speed limit on the road. But beyond that, they said it was doubtful they had any authority to change the terms of the permit that was issued more than 35 years ago, at least not immediately.

Residents had urged commissioners to change the quarry’s permit. The quarry is located on about 70 acres just north of Clinton Lake along East 550 Road, formerly known as Route 1029.

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