U.S. Concrete Thanks Sandbrook for Service to Company

U.S. Concrete Inc. announced that William J. Sandbrook, member of the company’s board of directors, has decided not to stand for reelection at the company’s 2021 annual meeting of stockholders.

William J. Sandbrook

Sandbrook stated, “It has been my distinct pleasure and honor to have served as past chairman and CEO of U.S. Concrete. Having created significant shareholder value through a successful turnaround and growth strategy over the past 10 years and successfully transitioning the leadership of the company, it is time to turn my focus to other endeavors that are presenting themselves. I am extremely proud to say that the U.S. Concrete of today is a vastly changed company from the one I joined in 2011. The dedicated employees are the best in the industry, and I want to thank them for their past and continued efforts.”

Ronnie Pruitt, U.S. Concrete president and CEO, said, “Bill was instrumental in putting U.S. Concrete on a path for success and adding long-term value. Over the past year, Bill and I worked closely on the transition and I am thankful for his mentorship. I know I speak for all of our employees in wishing him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Michael Lundin, U.S. Concrete chairman of the board of directors, commented, “We are grateful to Bill for his years of service to the company as our prior chairman and CEO, as well as director. Bill has been a committed and visionary leader and we appreciate all of his contributions.”

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