Kespry Haul Roads Tool Delivers Enhanced Accuracy, Compliance, Safety

Haul roads are complex elements mining and aggregates-site managers need to carefully design and calibrate. A well-designed haul road means a more efficient worksite. It also means workers are kept safer. Meshing to federal and local safety regulations is a critical component of creating haul roads.

Kespry’s new Haul Roads Tool makes designing haul roads faster and more accurate, while ensuring worker benefits are foremost in mind. “We’ve increased the depth of automation we provide to customers by automatically capturing measurements for all roads required. Importantly, Kespry’s drone-based analytics platform also monitors the road against compliance thresholds and alerts the user when an area needs attention,” the company said.

The Haul Roads Tool simply makes life easier for site managers. With Kespry, there’s no more measuring road widths, grades, and berm heights. The company has automated it all for you.

How the Haul Roads Tool works:

1. Simply draw a line roughly down the center of a road you want to monitor.

2. Set the thresholds you want to monitor against for that length of road.

3. View the results. Kespry alerts you if any of portion of the road is out of compliance according to the thresholds you’ve set.


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