Virtual Surveyor Software Highlights Dangerous Slopes in Quarries

Virtual Surveyor has introduced a new feature in Version 7.2 of its popular drone surveying software that automatically highlights terrain slopes that exceed dangerous steepness thresholds. Called Slope Threshold lens, this capability significantly enhances the safety of operations in sand pits, quarries and other dynamic environments with steep terrains.

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MSHA Cancels Escapeways Guidance

RR090519 MSHA

May 26, 2020 – The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) announced the cancellation of a proposed Program Policy Letter on escapeways and refuges in underground metal and nonmetal mines. MSHA has determined that the proposed clarification is not needed. The proposed Program Policy Letter was published in the Federal Register on July 29, 2019, (84 FR 36623) for public comment. The guidance…

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AED Foundation Recognizes Eaton RESA Program


The AED Foundation (AEDF) announced the recognition of the Heavy Equipment Technology Program at Eaton Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) located in Charlotte, Mich. “We are pleased that Eaton RESA has chosen to demonstrate its commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement through the process of recognition, and I would like to thank longstanding AED member AIS Construction Equipment Corporation,…

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