Red Meters RM Series Density Meters

Red Meters Image STL Installation Outdoor mount entering water ground view 4.2017

Red Meters premiered its RM Series, a product lineup of highly accurate non-nuclear density meters. Coated with an abrasion resistant liner to withstand rough and finely ground slurries, the RM3 is easily installed into the slurry pipeline.

A Class 2 industrial laser reads passing materials continuously, which is then interpreted by the system’s custom-developed algorithm and fed into the Human Monitoring Interface (HMI). Density is calculated with an accuracy of +/- 0.25 percent based on samples taken 50 times per second. The RM3 is far more than just a sensor; the HMI touchscreen output can be set to display different variables in numerical or graph form, including: density, pressure, percent solids, totalized mass, and more.

The RM3 is designed to accommodate an internal pipe bore of 2 to 60 in. in diameter with a maximum pressure of 600 psi. Replacing a nuclear meter with a RM3 increases accuracy readings by 2.5 percent, leading to immeasurable savings in time and money. Red Meters,

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