Terex Washing Systems Launches AquaClear Water-Management Solutions


Terex Washing Systems (TWS) staged the global launch of Terex AquaClear Water Management Solutions. Oliver Donnelly, TWS business line director, highlighted the benefits of the new Water Management Solutions, commenting, “A lot of our customers have a need for water management, which is a growing sector given the way environmental legislation is evolving in certain regions. TWS are delighted to be able to offer an end-to-end solution for washing and water management from a single supplier. We are launching a full range of water management products to include clarifying tanks, flocculent dosing systems, filter presses and all associated equipment to provide a one-stop solution.”

Water Management Solutions are typically comprised of three main components; a floc dosing plant and thickener tank can be used to recycle up to 80 percent of the water used in the washing process. This basic method still involves the use of ponds but on a smaller scale as the sludge sent to the ponds is of a much higher specific gravity (1.5 sg).

The next stage is to incorporate a filter press that hydrates this thickened sludge even further typically down to 25 percent moisture. The filter press eliminates the need for ponds as the sludge is hydrated to a material/cake, which can be handled by a loading shovel. This cake can be used as a lining or capping material.

TWS said the brand is committed to continuous expansion of its product offering and this entry into Water Management demonstrates its continued significant investment in product development, which once again raises the bar in adding value to its customers operations.

Donnelly added, “TWS are due to begin manufacturing the Terex AquaClear Water Management Solutions in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, later this year, working alongside strategic alliance partners, Valley Equipment Co., (VEC), located in Portland, Ore. We are already handling enquiries for AquaClear from Europe and North America markets, with the first installation being a European one.”

Donnelly went on to add, “Through our strategic alliance, [for North American customers] we can send a filter press fully built up, rather than in its component parts in containers. With Valley Equipment, we’re working with partners who have been in the industry for many years.”

TWS is also investing in a focused technical team to support the new Terex AquaClear Water Management offering. The Terex brand is appointing a dedicated team consisting of a product manager, engineers and applications specialists together with a cutting-edge new laboratory specifically designed for material testing and sample pressing. This will ensure optimum equipment selection and specification for its customers.

Already a leading established supplier of advanced wet processing solutions for mineral washing needs in aggregates, recycling, industrial sands & mining, TWS offers an extensive product portfolio to match the needs of rinsing, scrubbing and sand production systems available in static, modular and mobile platforms.

Terex AquaClear Water Management Solutions, www.terex.com/washing, [email protected]

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