Doran YardCheck 360 Monitors Off-Road Tires Even When Not in Use

Doran YardCheck 360 helps off-road fleets rein in tire-related costs and stop problems before they can impact production with continuous monitoring of tire pressure and temperatures, even if the equipment is powered off. 

If a monitored tire inside YardCheck 360’s wireless coverage zone has low pressure, a rapid deflation event, or high temperature, fleet managers are notified. This data helps fleets to prevent equipment downtime and reduce operating costs through scheduling repairs and corrections. This visibility also helps extend trend life, protect casings, and improve fleet safety.

A YardCheck 360 Gate Reader creates a wireless coverage zone at a facility. Inside this zone, external, valve stem mounted sensors pass tire pressure and temperature data to a rechargeable battery-powered transceiver on each asset. This data is received by the YardCheck 360 Gate Reader and automatically uploaded to the cloud every 15 minutes for equipment powered on and once per day for equipment that is powered off. 

Current and historical tire pressure and temperature data are visible online and alerts can be set up to be sent out to pre-defined users.

Preventing tire problems helps reduce operating costs and improve safety and efficiency for off-road fleets. Designed to handle the extreme environmental conditions, Doran YardCheck 360 tire monitoring systems helps companies mine their own data for the answers to their tire trouble. 

In addition to off-road operations, Doran YardCheck 360 tire monitoring systems are available for all size and type fleets – from owner-operators to international fleets. Doran also provides multiple options for fleet managers and equipment maintenance teams to receive real-time tire alerts as well.

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