Rohr LLC dba Aggregate Dredge Solutions Partners with Rohr Bagger

Rohr LLC dba Aggregate Dredge Solutions has partnered with Rohr Bagger GmbH in Germany to support existing dredge installations and work with customers on new inquiries. 

“Our years of experience will help you to maximize your utilization of existing or new deposits by going deeper with our time proven all electric systems,” said Jochen Rohr, CEO. “We look forward to working with you in the future on your needs for parts, service, upgrades and new installations.”

The agreement includes support for existing customers with parts and services for their dredges, including hydraulic buckets and screens. Rohr is based in Concord, Calif.

Rohr’s family has been in the aggregate business since the 1930s. His family has four different sand and gravel operations in Germany. Prior to Aggregate Dredge Solutions, Rohr was a joint founder of the Rohr Corp., which was sold in 2011.

Rohr’s focus has always been on new innovative solutions to improve efficiency and dig deeper. He works with a select team of experienced engineers and other specialists to come up with technology allowing for onboard materials processing, and customized dredges to account for unique applications, climatic and geographic challenges.

Aggregate Dredge Solutions also focuses on being environmentally conscious. All Agg Dredge dredges are electric, meaning there are no diesel fumes and no exhaust. 

“When the bucket is lowered it is slowed down electronically and feeds energy back into the system, similar to a Tesla,” explained Rohr. 

Additionally, all hydraulic systems are filled with biodegradable oil. While the business is based in California, Jochen works with local suppliers and subcontractors to build the equipment as close as possible to the site of operation.

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