Railroad Spur to Benefit Heidelberg Quarry in Georgia

The Sandersville Railroad Co. has announced Pittman Construction as an additional user of its planned rail spur in Hancock County. Pittman Construction will utilize the spur to transport liquid asphalt, a non-hazardous, low-temperature, highly-viscous to semi-solid ingredient in asphalt used to pave highways. Liquid asphalt is currently being delivered to the Pittman facility via truck.

“Sandersville Railroad is thrilled to welcome Pittman Construction as a Hanson Spur user,” said Sandersville Railroad President Ben J. Tarbutton, III. “Pittman is one of many businesses in this region that will partner with us and benefit from our spur, helping to improve the economy of Hancock County while reducing vehicular traffic in the area.”

The 4.5-mile-long spur will connect the CSX Transportation (CSX) rail line that runs along Ga. Highway 16 in Hancock County to the Heidelberg Materials aggregate quarry in Sparta, Ga. Pittman is located adjacent to the Heidelberg Facility at the end of the spur. The spur is projected to greatly benefit the Hancock County community, generating over $1.5 million in annual economic benefit, reducing truck traffic on the county’s roads and creating jobs for the county.

“Even though we are in the highway business, we understand that rail is a remarkably efficient way to deliver raw materials to and from a site,” said Arnie Pittman, CEO of Pittman Construction. “The new spur will be invaluable in allowing us to operate more efficiently as we serve clients throughout east middle Georgia.”

The Sandersville Railroad Co. has taken numerous steps to ensure the safety and well-being of both the environment and the community. The route complies with the highest railroad design standards while minimizing any impact on sensitive environmental areas and taking measures to ease any disruption to the everyday lives of Sparta, Ga. residents.

The Hanson Spur will be Sandersville Railroad’s first expansion in Hancock County. In addition to the economic growth brought by the spur, Sandersville Railroad anticipates supporting Hancock’s County’s local initiatives. Sandersville Railroad plans to have the spur fully operational by the end of 2024.